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Industrial Control

We meticulously build and test them, so you can focus on your project or product.

Industrial Systems Integration

To fulfill your vision of an automated process it takes quality and finely tuned systems working perfectly in-sync.

Advanced Process Control Consulting

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Redesign for success.

APC - Quickstudy Software®

Model Predictive Control software for better performance and efficiency.

Industrial Control Panels

We offer excellence in control panel design and we’ll even manufacture control panels per your drawings. Either way, we take the same pride in using our proven quality manufacturing processes.

Our Design Group uses AutoCad Electrical to turn your concepts into a quality industrial control panel.  We have the capability to meet your customer specific standards.

  • UL508A Certified
  • CE Compliant

We adhere to:

  • UL 508A – STANDARD FOR SAFETY Industrial Control Panels
  • NFPA 70 National Electrical Code
  • NFPA 79 Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery

From panel layout, to wiring, to final testing we meticulously follow best practice established guidelines to ensure the delivery of a panel that not only looks great, but functions flawlessly. The majority of our customers are repeat customers or referrals from existing customers or business partners. We believe that expert staff, quality in best practices and rich customer relationships are the key to success.

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Systems Integration

Adaptive is unique because we have the domain knowledge of the processes used in the industries we serve.

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Systems integration isn’t just about the technology. It’s about understanding the process and applying the principles of physics, chemistry, metallurgy and engineering to the process.

We work with the best:

  • Allen Bradley Recognized Systems Integrator
  • Siemens Integration Solutions Partner
  • Wonderware Recognized Systems Integrator

We understand the fundamental processes of the industries we support, because we’ve developed the complex modeling tools and technology to gain insight into the base issues of each process. We have the data, and more importantly, the experience, to understand the data and apply it to develop better control strategies.

With our domain experience, our proprietary software tools and custom-built panels, we are more than integrators. We are a partner in advancing the process to obtain minimum variance and maximum results.

Process Consulting

Adaptive Resource’s Process Consulting service to the Manufacturing Industry is unique. While most Process Consultants focus on Business Processes, 6-sigma or similar techniques that approach process design from a statistical perspective, Adaptive Resources approaches Process Design from a controls perspective.

How can the process and instrumentation be designed to yield better control of the key process parameters?

The answer leads to better process design, better selection of instrumentation for the process and ultimately better control strategies. The result is that variability in Key Process parameters can be greatly reduced. And keep in mind that once process variability is reduced, better quality, reduced waste, higher efficiency, lower energy usage, and higher productivity can be achieved.

Process Consulting and Design services include:

  • High level process design evaluation
  • Total Process Material Balance
  • Instrumentation and Controls selection
  • Control Strategy development
  • Process Simulation
  • Process Feasibility Study
  • Yield Improvement Study
  • Alternative Energy Study
  • Energy and Utilities Recycling strategies

APC QuickStudy® Software

APC Quickstudy® is Adaptive’s proprietary Windows-based Control Software. APC Quickstudy® is simple to implement and easy to support.

QuickStudy® software creates process models quickly and accurately by studying your existing process as it operates. Forget about costly step tests, long set-up times or hiring high-level expertise.

When you implement APC QuickStudy® software, expect improvements in productivity, efficiency and quality.

QuickStudy® Software Advantages:

  • Reduces process variability, improving product quality and consistency
  • Minimizes transition times for product change-overs and line start-ups
  • Allows lines to be run at higher rates, increasing throughput
  • Tighter control of process decreases raw materials and energy used
  • Increase product quality on existing equipment, increasing profits and reducing capital expenditures
  • Improve plant safety as process variability is reduced resulting in fewer alarm trips, equipment adjustments and shut-downs
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